Understanding The Students’ Motive And Motivation In Learning Foreign Language In Improving The Quality And Performance Of The Teachers

Motivation EP


In education, we know the term of learning and teaching. The two terms are closely associated with the search for and transfer knowledge, efforts to understand and give understanding to learners and teachers, attempt to humanize human beings, efforts to improve the standard of living, and efforts to build human characters. no longer denied, however, that the achievement of all of the above type of efforts, we often find some of the obstacles that would indicate that things are not easy to achieve, everything is not like turning the palm of the hand, not everything is a hierarchical process, everything definitely need a process unless certain process, a way or a certain method, the proper motive, and the right motivation.

Talking about appropriate Motive and great Motivations, of course, we will not be separated from the human psychology. All kind of living creatures, especially human beings and animals, always have the incentive and encouragement to do something. What distinguishes it is lied on the side of psychology and instinct term. Human beings have the urge to do something because in the ‘soul’, there is a driving force he does something. As with other animals, they do something just by ‘instinct term’ which they have incentive to do what they planned to do. This difference held by both type of these creatures in action in connection with the thrust or motivation to do something. Furthermore, when both creature do something that depart from the motivations-Human and Animal-instinct, they almost look the same if we look from the side of Motive. If an Animal does something by instinct without any appropriate Motive or no Motive at all, then it is only natural because it is a mere Animal. But what happens when a man does something that departs from the motivations, but do not have appropriate Motive may not even have a Motive at all?

Whether we would have to learn to understand the Motive and self motivation in order to do anything, we can have the right thrust and the exact purpose of what we do in life, because after all, ‘though people who have mental disorder, they still have a motivation to act even if his motive was memorable perfunctory’ (Fernandes Arung, p112:2013).

So, how should we view the two things, how the motives and motivations can be rest when we do something, how an understanding of the two things that can make a significant contribution in the process of learning and teaching, and how to understand the motives and motivations of the students toward learning to improve the quality and performance of teachers or lecturers in the process of learning. All of these questions will be addressed in the Discussion section of this scientific paper.


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