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Everybody has their own method of learning a foreign language.

101 Romantic Ideas by Michael Webb          
A Way with Words Book 3 by Stuart Redman, Robert Ellis
A Theory of Human Motivation by A. H. Maslow
A Systematic Theory of Argumentation by Frans H. Van Eemeren
A Glossary of English Grammar by Geoffrey leech
A Dictionary of Linguistics and Phonetics by David Christal
A Communicative Grammar of English by Geoffrey Leech
An Introduction to Discourse Analysis by James Paul Gee
An Introduction to English Grammar by Sidney Greenbaum
An Introduction to English Syntax by Jim Miller
An Introduction to Pidgins and Creoles by John Holm
Analyzing Grammar by Paul R. Kroeger
Aspects of the Theory of Morphology by Igor Mel’cuk
Assessing Listening by Gary Buck
Becoming a Translator by Douglas Robinson
Binding Theory by Daniel Buring
Body language – Action Research
Broca’s Region by Yosef grodsynsky
Class, Codes and Control, Vol 1 – Theoretical Studies towards a Sociology of Language by Basi Bernstein
Collocations in Use Collocations by Michael McCharty
Common Mistakes in English by T. J. Fitikides
Conditionals by Nicholas Rescher
Critical Discourse Analysis by Gilbert Weis
Critical English for Academic Purposes – Theory, Politics, and Practice by sarah Bensch
Words Without Meaning by Christopher Gauker


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